Best Electric Scooters Review: Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

As the 800-pound gorilla in the electric scooter market, Razor USA has been steadily going strong now for over 10 years. Located in Cerritos, California, this privately held company continues to design and promote some of the most popular lines of scooters today, including the Pocket Mod™, Dune Buggy™, Powerwing™, MX350™ and the wildly successful E100,200 and 300 models. The E-series comes in several customized designs, including seated models and an array of colors targeted and specific audiences.

Razor Scooter LogoThe Razor Special Edition E300 comes in red, blue, and a girls-themed pink known as Sweet Pea to appeal to a variety of tastes. The E300S‘s seated version of the E300 comes with a padded seat which is removable for stand-up riding. A E325S is available at select locations

Stats at a GlanceRazor E300
Recommended Age Range12+
Maximum Rider Weight220lbs
Charge Time8 hours
Maximum Speed15 mph

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Features

  • Larger and sturdier frame for riders 12 and up
  • Chain-driven motor for speeds of up to 15 mph
  • Wide, inflatable 10-inch tires for a smooth ride
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • 40-45 minutes of constant ride time per full charge
  • 90-day warranty

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Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300 Electric ScooterAimed at a slightly older audience, the Razor E300 is the big brother to Razor’s E100 in a multitude of ways. Upgrades abound, starting at the super-sized deck and frame to support larger riders of up to 220 pounds. This is the heaviest-capacity scooter we know of from Razor, and with advertised speeds of 15 mph it can be considered Razor’s entry into the adult-scooter market. While not a full-fledged commuter scooter per se, the E300 will certainly satisfy older riders that want to join in the fun with the kids.

The Razor E300 ships easy to assemble with no special tools required. The tires comes pre-inflated as in other Razor models but may need topping off with a bicycle pump prior to the first ride. An included valve adapter allows for pump access to the rear tire. The battery requires an initial charge overnight with the included smart charger. Always something to keep in mind if buying this as a gift.

The big 10″ tires are a blessing as they really smooth out the ride versus solid tires. With a longer ride time over smaller Razor models you’ll really appreciate the added comfort and stability that larger, pneumatic tires provide. Two 12-V sealed lead acid batteries hold the charge and deliver the power via a chain driven motor that is quiet and efficient. Battery run time is advertised at 45 minutes under constant use, but this varies depending on riding conditions. Online you’ll find the Razor E300 occasionally referred to as the “one-hour scooter.”

Speeds top out at around 15 mph which is certainly fast enough for a scooter in this class. A twist throttle enables easy speed control, and a hand operated rear brake provides ample stopping power. Unlike other Razor models targeted at younger riders, the E300 does not have the “kick-off” requirement prior to the throttle engaging. The E300 starts immediately from a standing position.

Razor E300 versus Razor E200

If you are contemplating the differences between the Razor E300 vs. E200, there are a few upgrades that warrant the approximately $50 price difference between the two.  First, the E300 has the larger pneumatic 10″ tires vs. the E200′s 8″.  This will give a more comfortable ride over long use.  More importantly, the E300 frame is bulkier and the deck thicker with a longer handlebar assembly than the E200.  This is better suited for teen and adult riders over the E200.  Both the E300 and E200 come in seated models (E300S and E200S) and both are powered by two, 12V (total 24V) batteries.  The E300 adds an extra 4 inches to the handlebars for taller riders and the motor provides an increase in speed up to 15 mph versus a top out of the E200 of 12mph.  Given the increased demand for the E300, Amazon has started offering a better discount on the E200 over the MSRP to make up the difference.

We found lots of happy users online with the majority of them praising the Razor E300 for its speed and overall batter run time.  Users were thrilled with how well the E300 performed even with heavier riders at the higher end of the weight limit (220 pounds).  Hills were a little challenge for adult riders but is a clear improvement over the E100 and E200′s performance.  Battery longevity was a concern for some, with the Razor E300′s stated battery life of 1-2 years, however, we found users still going strong after 18 months of heavy use.  Proper battery care is key, and Razor recommends recharging the battery every month even when not in use.

One complaint that has been mentioned with the E300 is that while the scooter folds at the deck for portability, you cannot lock the handle in the down position. A screw releases the handlebars so you can fold them, but it isn’t very convenient to carry as the bars aren’t locked. If you aren’t going to be transporting your E300 on a regular basis then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Best Electric Scooter Recommendation

We’re happy to recommend the Razor E300 and E300S to those considering a Razor electric scooter for themselves or a teenage son or daughter.  It’s also good for kids who have outgrown their E100 and are looking for a quicker, more adult ride without being a full-fledged commuter scooter (like the Super Turbo 800 Elite).  It’s powerful, fast, and a whole lot of fun to ride for any member of the family.  The price definitely fits that sweet spot between toy and enthusiast, and really represents one of the best value scooters on the market today.


Where to buy the Razor E300

The E300 can be found everywhere-including Walmart.  But we have found to have the best deals on the entire Razor line, including the E300. Plus, their easy return policy should any problems arise simply can’t be beat.  Check out the current deals including shipping on the E300.


Please make sure to follow all local and state laws when operating an electric scooter.  Adult supervision is required for children under 12.  Safety pads and a helmet are mandatory in several states, and should be worn at all times when operating your electric scooter.  Be safe and happy scooting!

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